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Using your insurance or other benefits strengthens Tribal health for Alaska Native and American Indian people

Did you know the Indian Health Service only provides funding for a portion of our Tribal health needs? That’s why using your private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid benefits are so important. Every time you visit ANMC and use your insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or Denali KidCare benefits, you are strengthening the Alaska Tribal Health System.

These benefits help the Alaska Native Medical Center and other Tribal health organizations improve the quality of care and expand services available to Alaska Native and American Indian people.

If you have health insurance

ANMC will need a copy of your identification card and insurance card to verify eligibility. We may also need other insurance forms – talk to our administrative staff when you check in.

If you are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or Denali KidCare

ANMC will need a copy of your Medicare or Medicaid card to verify eligibility.

Learn more about Denali KidCare

Denali KidCare is a no-cost health insurance program for children, teenagers and pregnant women. Denali KidCare may support medical services that are not provided or paid for by your local Native hospital or clinic. These include eyeglasses, prescriptions, mental health therapy, substance abuse treatment, allergy testing, and even transportation (including air/taxi/ferry), lodging and meals. If you would like to know more, please contact our Health Benefits Specialists at (907) 729-5696.

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Have questions about using insurance or other benefits at ANMC? We would love to help. Contact us at:

Main: (907) 729-5696