Alaska Native Medical Center


The staff and volunteers in ANMC’s Auxiliary team work to care for every patient’s mental and spiritual health. In many ways, the Auxiliary are the heart of the hospital and its history of giving and compassion dates back to 1967 when the volunteer-based Auxiliary Patient Services program began.

Many things have changed since then, but one constant has been the care, dedication and mission of ANMC’s Auxiliary Patient Services group, which is committed to the well-being of the Alaska Native people we serve.

Auxiliary volunteers play many roles at the ANMC hospital. Some of those roles include:

Managing and maintaining the ANMC Native art collection: The ANMC Auxiliary has purchased and set for display more than 1,000 pieces of museum-quality Alaska Native art. The Heritage Collection is one of the finest of its kind and is displayed throughout the hospital. Auxiliary Patient Services manages and maintains the collection to provide a touch point of belonging, culture and home for hospital patients and visitors, no matter where they are originally from.

If your personal mission and volunteering passion includes helping others, please consider joining our team of dedicated volunteers!

For a volunteer application and to schedule an interview to volunteer, please contact the ANMC Volunteer Coordinator at (907) 729-1120 or via email at