Alaska Native Medical Center

Craft Shop

Your source for authentic Alaska Native art

The world-renowned ANMC Craft Shop consigns and commissions works from Alaska Native artists and crafters from every region of Alaska and sells their one-of-a-kind works to hospital visitors. Operated by ANMC Auxiliary volunteers, the Craft Shop uses proceeds from sales to provide important income to the Alaska Native arts community, positively impacts health care delivery at ANMC, consistently brightens the day of our patients by supporting ANMC’s Auxiliary Patient Services, and helps develop the next generation of Alaska Native leaders by fueling the ANMC Auxiliary Scholarship Fund.

The ANMC Craft Shop only accepts cash, U.S. checks and U.S. traveler’s checks with valid photo identification. The Craft Shop does not accept credit or debit cards.

For more information on the ANMC Craft Shop, please call (907) 729-1122.