Alaska Native Medical Center

Biomedical Engineering

From million-dollar X-ray machines to ventilators to thermometers, ANMC’s Biomedical Engineering department technicians maintain and repair more than 6,000 medical devices made by more than 1,000 manufacturers that are used by ANMC and Southcentral Foundation clinical staff.

It is complicated work in a busy environment, but the team is educated, hardworking and prepared – the group has more than 80 years of Biomedical Engineering experience, four of the team’s technicians and specialists hold associate degrees in Biomedical Equipment Technology, and another holds an associate degree in Industrial Electronics. Technicians also train constantly to keep pace with the evolving medical equipment technology. The group is committed to ensuring all ANMC and Southcentral Foundation medical equipment provides the best outcomes, quality and safety for patients and providers.

ANMC’s Biomedical Engineering group:

Learn more about ANMC’s Biomedical Engineering team by contacting (907) 729-2538.