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ANTHC Palliative Care

The goal of ANTHC Palliative Care is to improve the quality of life for patients and families dealing with life-threatening illness through a person-centered approach that addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural aspects of well-being.

ANTHC Palliative Care facilitates and supports an integration of palliative care philosophies and practices into the Alaska Tribal Health System.

ANTHC Palliative Care

The ANTHC Palliative Care Program has developed innovative clinical tools to help with advance care planning. Go to the Advance Care Planning Resources page to download a free Advance Care Directive Form, conversation guidebook, brochure and wellness map.

Advance Care Planning Resources

The ANTHC Palliative Care Program has developed innovative clinical tools for advance care planning that integrate concepts of cultural humility in order to respect the diverse traditions and cultures of Alaska Native and American Indian people. By incorporating the traditional values of storytelling and vivid imagery, the concepts of advance care planning are explored through the use of conversation maps, group visits and conversation guides.

Advance care planning materials are available for free download. If you would like to order hard copies, please contact for pricing and availability.

To view and download the digital advance care planning materials, click the links below:

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