Alaska Native Medical Center


Media Guidelines

The care, comfort and privacy of all of our patients at the Alaska Native Medical Center are of the utmost importance to our staff, and it is our responsibility to uphold those assurances. Our patients have the right to privacy and confidentiality, which is why ANMC requires that all journalists coordinate interview and photograph requests through ANTHC (hospital) and/or SCF (primary care) Public Relations departments. After a media request is received, an ANTHC or SCF staff member will determine with the patient and staff whether the opportunity is possible and, if so, we will then coordinate the media visit, including meeting and accompanying media representatives through our facilities and to the patient.


No photos or video of patients may be taken without a Public Relations staff member first securing written permission from the patient.

Patient Condition Updates & Patient Privacy

Our first priority is the safety and privacy of our patients and their families. With that in mind, we strictly enforce the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  that limits the amount of patient information we may release without written consent from a patient or patient representative. We cannot elaborate on a patient’s injuries, illness or prognosis. When asking for a patient’s condition update, you must first provide the media representative with the patient’s full name. We use standard language acceptable under HIPAA and American Hospital Association guidelines to describe patient conditions.

For More Information

For more information, please call Public Relations at (907) 729-5653.

Press Releases

Visit our press releases page here.

Media Contacts

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (hospital inquiries)
Office: (907) 729-5653
24-Hour Media Line: (907) 268-1014

Southcentral Foundation (primary care inquiries)
Sharon Leighow
Office: (907) 729-6663
Cell: (907) 202-0157