Alaska Native Medical Center

Donating Traditional Foods for ANMC Patients

Did you know that you can donate hunted and gathered foods to the inpatient food service program at the Alaska Native Medical Center? Traditional foods are healing, nourishing medicine for our people and your donations will be greatly appreciated by our patients at ANMC.

Donations we can accept:

All donated items that are received will be used in their entirety. Any leftover, trim or items deemed “unservable” will be distributed to organizations that will utilize them in animal consumption, and waste will go to local organizations that will use it (i.e. Alaska Zoo, Raptor Rehabilitation, etc.)

Donating traditional foods

If you are interested in donating traditional foods to ANMC, please contact (907) 729-2682 or send an email to If you are interested in helping out with ANMC’s Traditional Native Foods Initiative but do not have access to traditional foods to donate, you can make a donation to the Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation by visiting

Wish list:

Juniper berriesfiddlehead fernMoosesalmon
Cedar leafspruce tipsDeerhalibut
Currants all varietiessorrelCariboucod
Cultivated RhubarbplantainBisonshiifish
Crab Applespineapple weedMusk Oxhooligan
Nasturtiumssour dockGoatherring
beach asparaguslabrador teaSheepherring eggs
Bull kelp bulb and whipfireweed bloomsElkOctopus
bull kelp ribbonfireweed leavesSnow Shoe Harelingcod
beech greensfireweed shootsSealrockfish
black sea weeddandelion rootBeavergrayling
Bladder wrackdandelion greensSquirrelblack cod
goose tonguedandelion blooms flounder
Lovagerose petals pike
wild rhubarbrose hips salmon eggs
blueberriesdevils club buds salmon heads
huckleberriesWild Chive Trout
crowberriesnettles whitefish eggs
cloud berriesbirch water  Whitefish
salmon berrieschamomile 
HBCranberrieseskimo potato 
LBCranberrieslambs quarter 
Birch Bark Flournagoon berries 
Cottonwood budforget me not blooms 
Wild Rice (chocolate lily)cattails
Yarrowthimble berries
wild strawberriesraspberries
wild celerygooseberries
watermelon berriesStrawberry Spinach
Stinkweedsea lovage
Cultivated Tree fruitsBirch flour

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