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Ear, Nose and Throat

Acute Pharyngitis in Children and Adults

Acute Otitis Media Pediatric Treatment Guideline – Date: 11/14/16

ANMC Adult Pediatric Pharyngitis (GAS) Guideline – Date: 11/14/16

ANMC Pediatric Cervical Lymphadenitis Guideline – Date: 11/14/16

Clinical Guidelines for Dizziness

ENT Referral Appointment Form for Tonsillectomy

ENT Direct Referral Form for Sleep Study

ENT Sinus CT Scan and Evaluation Form

ENT Tympanostomy Tube Replacement Form

Otitis Media Management

Otolaryngology/HNS Department Clinical Practice for Neck & Head Cancer Follow-Up Guidelines

Sinusitis in Adults and Children – Management -Date: 11/14/16

Tobacco Screening and Referral Guideline Inpatient

Tobacco Screening and Referral Guideline Outpatient